After almost a year of planning and brainstorming, I finally took the big step to launching Black Label. Having a hands on approach throughout this process has been amazing. Each and every piece was sketched by myself including having 100% control in the designing process as well, so that the "Black Label vision" would come to life . I can’t wait to see how everyone is going to look in the pieces. Use the hashtag #BlackLabelusa to share your photos with me.


Welcome to Black Label Clothing™ created and designed by Christian! Known for his popularity on social media and his distinctive streetwear style, Christian has launched “Black Label Clothing™ in 2016. After Christian revealed Black Label Clothing™ to the world, hype was immediately heightened. Christian is already currently working with designers for the Fall/Winter collection that will be launched later 2017. Stay tuned for more products coming soon! All of Black Label Clothing™ products were made in the USA.

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